If your team are working hard at preparing your car to be the best it can be, are you doing the same?


Long-Term Athlete Development

Human development from birth to adulthood is a continuous process and to understand this better, experts divide this approach into distinct stages with specific characteristics; these are called stages of development. During these stages it takes thousands of hours of deliberate practice to achieve elite level performance. However, factors such as motivation, genetics disposition, sensitivity to training and access to the right coaching are all important factors and without them training alone does not predict elite level performance.

That’s why NSU adopts an athlete centred approach (LTAD) to ensure all drivers, whatever stage they enter at, receive the optimal training requirements ensuring they perform to the very best of their ability. Each stage of development has its own physical, mental & lifestyle management characteristics which supports the drivers technical & tactical elements (Driver Coach Driven).


NSU positions mental skills as a critical element of the Human Performance programme. Our programme is designed to help each driver stay on task and perform to the highest level whilst thinking clearly under pressure.

  • Through their younger years, each driver is introduced to ‘Goal Setting’ and how they can influence change.

  • Taking responsibility and appreciating as the driver, you are accountable is an important transition in their overall thinking as they move into adulthood.

  • Success and failure are integral elements of an elite performers journey and knowing how to deal with these are hugely important to staying on track. 

Genetic Testing

Our Genetic Testing looks at the total effect of up to 50 of the most researched genetic variants for exercise, nutrition, general well-being and sporting performance. We are all different and there is no single ‘best’ plan that suits everyone, so why do it. We don’t.

We will report on a total of 18 key markers, everything from an individual’s response to refined carbohydrates, to whether you hold a raised risk of Achilles tendon injury. With this unique understanding of you it enables our team to fully support you on your personal journey to better performances.


Advanced Technologies


  • DNA Genetic Analysis

  • Psychological Testing

  • Movement Analysis

  • Fitness Tracking

  • Performance Testing

  • Training Diary

  • Training Programs

  • Body Composition 

  • Physiological Analysis 

  • Nutritional Programs

  • Training Screening

  • Performance Coaching